Foundation Policies

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The Foundation expects its staff, directors, grantees, and alumni to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the highest ethical standards. The Foundation's policies set out expected standards and the procedures necessary to comply with those standards. The Foundation's Integrity Policy, which emphasizes a number of different practices, is set forth below. In addition, the Foundation is committee to a rigorous privacy policy, which is also detailed below.

In the end, no policy can address every conceivable ethical situation.  Ultimately, therefore, the Foundation relies on the good judgment, integrity, and honesty of its staff, directors, grantees, and alumni to ensure that they address all situations in an ethical and legal fashion and in compliance with all applicable laws and policies across the various jurisdictions that the Foundation operates.

The Foundation awards grants and provides related support to deserving, eligible candidates on an open competitive basis. Our basic policy on eligibility is outlined here, and must be met in every circumstance. Individual programs may carry additional eligibility requirements. It is up to the candidate/grantee to check the provisions for each grant and ensure that they meet all eligibility requirements. Please note that laws and policies are subject to change, and that it is the responsibility of the candidate/grantee to keep themselves apprised of such changes.

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