Message from the CEO Michael Hawes

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Michael Hawes Hello and welcome to the new Fulbright Canada website. It has been designed to provide you with the most up-to-date information on our programs, events, and activities and integrates all of our Fulbright offerings, along with information on the Killam Program and on EducationUSA. It is also meant to introduce you to our grantees, our alumni, our partners, our board of directors, and my colleagues at the Secretariat.

While all sites are informational, this site is also meant to be a celebration of extraordinary individuals and their accomplishments. Mostly, these are students and scholars, researchers and teachers, but they can also be university administrators, government officials, leaders in the NGO community, and other friends of Fulbright. They come from all walks of life and they study and conduct research in all areas - from poetry to physics. They come from every ethnic and social group, they speak many different languages, and they hail from every corner of our two countries. What they have in common is a commitment to make the world a better place, to contribute in a meaningful way to the public policy debate and to engage with their local communities, and a desire to deepen our understanding of both the physical and the social world. Through their journey they have come to a more sophisticated appreciation of what President John Kennedy meant when he told the Canadian Parliament that "geography has made us neighbors, history has made us friends, economics has made us partners, and necessity has made us allies".

As a proud alumnus of the program (Fulbright Distinguished Research Chair, UC Berkeley, 1999-2000), I can relate directly to their experiences and I understand just how transformative such an experience can be. I find their stories inspirational and their contributions remarkable. I encourage you to learn more about them.

You may want to visit our searchable interactive Fulbright Canada Alumni Database, and our Killam Fellows database.

I hope that you find the information that you are looking for here, that you consider applying to one of our programs, and that you enjoy these stories.
They are, each in their own way, a testament to the lasting value of investing in our common future and a reminder that exchanges led to greater mutual understanding.

Please feel free to contact me directly, or reach out to any of my colleagues at the Foundation.

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