Internship Opportunities with the Foundation

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The Foundation for Educational Exchange is pleased to partner with several Canadian organizations to offer internships to extraordinary young men and women. These individuals work at the Foundation, assisting the permanent staff on special projects, on event planning, and on operational and administrative matters.

The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (Carleton University)
Through the NPSIA internship program, currently in its twenty first year, the Foundation for Educational Exchange offers opportunities for graduate students to work at the secretariat on a special project during the Winter term. The purpose of the program is to enable students to gain practical experience in the field of international affairs. This experience may contribute to their research interests, and help develop personal contacts and networks to assist students with their career prospects.

York University
The Foundation for Educational Exchange partners with York University, under the auspices of the York International Internship Program, to offer a summer internship to an outstanding undergraduate student from York. The York University student relocates to Ottawa for a period of three months and is provided with an opportunity to work in an international organization.

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