Private Sector Partners

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The success of the Canada-U.S. Fulbright Program and the Killam Fellowships Program would not be possible without the generous support and ongoing financial commitment from a number of dedicated and forward looking corporate donors. All of the Foundation's programs are supported by leading companies in both countries, by other foundations, and by individuals. 

Private sector support for scholarships and related programming directly enhances our overall productivity, our intellectual capacity, and our ability to compete in an increasingly complex and interdependent world. The Foundation for Educational Exchange is grateful to all of our partners for their strategic investment in the future of both Canada and the United States of America.  

To find out more about Fulbright Canada, learn more about our growth strategy, or to make a donation to the Foundation, please contact Rebecca Dixon at or at 613.688.5521. Alternatively, you may want to consider speaking to our Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Michael Hawes, or to one of our Board Members about the possibility of making a commitment to our collective future.

The following are core supporters of the Foundation:

  • Bank of Montreal (BMO)
  • Bragg Family Foundation
  • CIBC
  • CN
  • The Glen Corporation
  • Imperial Oil Foundation
  • The John R. Oshei Foundation
  • The American Killam Trusts
  • The Maple Leaf Foundation
  • The Palix Foundation
  • RBC Foundation
  • TD Bank Group

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