Brad Hector

Brad Hector is Fulbright Canada's Program Officer responsible for Scholars and Scholar Programs. More specifically, Brad manages the flagship Fulbright Scholars Program, which includes the Traditional Fulbright Scholars Program, the Fulbright Canada Research Chairs Program, the NEXUS Program, and the Senior Specialist Program. He is also responsible for Fulbright Canada's new Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Program for PhD candidates and for the Fulbright Canada Mid-Career Professional Program (offered with the support of the Canadian School for Public Service). In addition to these responsibilities, Brad oversees the Fulbright Canada in-country mobility and cultural awareness initiatives. Brad works closely with our key university partners, with the Council for the International Exchange of Scholars in Washington, and with the two governments on managing and growing Fulbright Canada's scholar programs and initiatives.

Brad is a long-time resident of Ottawa. He has an Honours Bachelor of Science degree from Carleton University, where he studied Physics with a focus on modern technology. Prior to joining the Foundation in the fall of 2005, Brad spent 15 years at a major technology company, producing leading edge components for the telecommunications industry.

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