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Fulbrighters of the Month

October 2011

Dr. Sandy Ng
Canadian Fulbright NEXUS Scholar, 2011-2012
Home: Queen's University
Host: Stanford University

September 2011

Mr. Robin McLay
Canadian Fulbright Student 1998-1999
Home: McGill University
Host: Harvard University

August 2011

Ms. Vanessa Timmer
Canadian Fulbright Student 2002-2003
Home: University of British Columbia
Host: Harvard University

July 2011

Dr. Shannon Risk
American Fulbright Student 2008-09
Home: University of Maine
Host: University of New Brunswick

June 2011

Mr. Andrew Levinson
American Fulbright Student 2010-11
Host: York University

May 2011

Ms. Kyle Carey
American Fulbright Student 2008-09
Home: Skidmore College 
Host: Cape Breton University

April 2011

Dr. Earl Fry
American Fulbright Scholar 1995-96 
Home: Brigham Young University 
Host: University of Toronto

March 2011

Ms. Kathy Bunka
Canadian Fulbright Student 1994-95 
Home: McGill University 
Host: Harvard University

February 2011 

Mr. Michael Reading
American Fulbright Student 2007-08 
Home: St. Olaf College 
Host: CeRIS (Ontario Metropolis Center)

January 2011 

Ms. Angela Loder
Canadian Fulbright Student, 2006-07 
Home: University of Toronto
Host: City of Chicago/USDA Forest Service

December 2010

Ms. Deborah Chatsis
Fulbright-Government of Canada Mid-Career Executive, 2006-07 
Home: Government of Canada
Host: Harvard University

November 2010

Dr. Randy Widdis
Canadian Fulbright Scholar, 1993-94 
Home: University of Regina 
Host: University of Utah

October 2010   

Dr. Michael Geist 
Canadian Fulbright Student, 1996-97 
Home: Dalhousie University 
Host: Columbia University

September 2010

Dr. Kris Bulcroft
American Fulbright Scholar, 1995-96 
Home: Western Washington University 
Host: University of British Columbia 


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