Christina M. Pierpaoli

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Christina M. Pierpaoli

America Killam Fellow 2012-2013

Tuscaloosa, AL

Fulbright Canada awarded me a Killam Fellowship to study at the University of Toronto as a college junior. A psychology student with her eyes toward graduate school, I recognized the importance of participating in rigorous undergraduate research and similarly, of finding mentors committed to fostering my development. I found this and more during my time in Toronto: three fabulous mentors –Buddhika Bellana, a graduate student, Dr. Morris Moscovitch, world-renowned neuropsychologist, and Dr. Charles Emlet, esteemed gerontologist—as well as my insatiable appetite for geropsychological research. These Canadian mentors have been instrumental to my graduate career— and their continued support, in large part, is the reason behind my academic success.

Christina M. Pierpaoli is a third-year graduate student and former Graduate Council Research Fellow in the Clinical Geropsychology program at the University of Alabama (UA) under the mentorship of Dr. Forrest Scogin. Broadly, her research explores associations of chronic disease—obesity, osteoarthritis, HIV—with psychological health in older adults. Her work has been published in the Journals of Aging & Health, Sex & Marital Therapy and presented at international conferences. Christina was a Killam Fellow at the University of Toronto and graduated as a member of Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude, with a BA in psychology from American University in Washington, DC. In addition to her continued research and clinical work, Christina also served as a President of UA’s local chapter of the Association for Women in Science and writes Engaging  — a monthly blog on age and aging— for Psychology Today.

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