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Danny Edgel

American Fulbright Student 2016-2017

Toronto, ON

For the first eighteen years of my life, Canada was Grand Forks, British Columbia: A town of only 4,000, but still four times the size of my hometown. Canada was a skating rink, ski mountain, and movie theater while my town had none. When the border was thin, British Columbia was as much my home as Washington. In college, Canada was Vancouver, and the border was an area of research. In graduate school, Canada is Toronto, the first major city that this country boy is lucky enough to call home.

Danny is a Fulbright Canada student and candidate for an MA in Economics at the University of Toronto, studying cap-and-trade market integration in North America. He graduated from Western Washington University in June 2016 with a BA in Economics and will pursue a doctorate in Economics after his Fulbright grant period.

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