Award Provisions - Fulbright Canadian Scolars Arctic Initiative

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Program activities will commence in spring 2015 and conclude in fall 2016. All grantees are expected to attend three seminar group meetings, complete a research visit to the U.S. for a minimum of six weeks, up to three months, and maintain ongoing virtual communication with fellow grantees and lead scholars. The research visit must be completed prior to June 2016.

  • First Group Meeting and Orientation
    Canada (pending funding)
  • Fall/Winter 2015-16 – Mid-year Group Meeting
  • Fall 2016 - Final Group Meeting
    United States

Grant Provisions

Scholars will receive funding in the amount of USD $40,000 for grantees only. Accommodations and meals for all group meetings will be covered separately. Grants will also include limited accident and sickness benefits.

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