Mentorship Program

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In 2010, in recognition of its 20th anniversary, Fulbright Canada established a mentorship program. The program is designed to connect new Fulbright students with established Fulbright alumni. The mentor pool consists of volunteers providing advice to one (or more) new Fulbright student(s). Incoming students are matched with a mentor before taking up their award; ideally, the mentor will be someone at their host institution, in their host city, or someone in the host country who works in the same field. Mentoring relationships are designed to last for approximately two years. In the first year, mentors will provide advice ranging from practical questions (housing, restaurants, libraries), to academic issues (advice on courses and professors, networking, and research-specific advice). In the second year, mentors will normally weigh in on issues relating to re-integration and professional development. Ideally, if the mentor and his/her charge were not located in the same city, they would be provided with an opportunity to meet using one of Fulbright’s existing mobility programs. At the conclusion of two years, both mentor and student provide a short report on their experience.

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