Strategic Plan

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In May 2010, the Foundation's Board of Directors endorsed Fulbright Canada's most recent strategic plan. The plan, which is available upon request, details the priorities of the Foundation and the path to future growth and success. The following quote offers a useful summary of our priorities and our strategy.

“The Foundation's overall goal is to grow the program by some 60 awards over the next five years, add considerable additional support, review and revise award values where appropriate (as dictated by the goals of the program and the market), and introduce more new initiatives that provide support, opportunity, and visibility to our grantees, while, at the same time, meeting the needs of our partners in government, at universities and colleges, and in the private sector. Given that our program is designed to be reciprocal, our goal is to have these numbers equally divided between American and Canadian grantees. In addition to providing more student grants, we are looking to enhance the student program in other ways”

Copies of the Foundation's Strategic Plan are available upon request.

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